Amaiò Swim X The Thirst Project

We are proud to be partnered with the Thirst Project in a mutual ambition to try and provide tangible solutions to the global clean water crisis. 663 million people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. Of the few communities in proximity to a water source, it is customary for the women and children to take on the burden of fetching the jugs. The journey is often long and arduous and refrains these children from attending school.

As part of Amaiò’s personal philosophy and humanitarian passion, we wanted to create a brand that used the resources of western society to help make a greater impact on our global community. Having access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human need and the Thirst Project is committed to providing clean water to those that are without, one filtration system at a time.

Amaiò is proud to be partnered with such a meaningful organization and will be contributing a percentage of all company profits to their cause. Amaiò hopes to engage its community beyond monetary needs by hosting sponsorships and events aimed at educating and motivating volunteers to get involved personally with The Thirst Project.

We are so excited to share our passion for the Thirst Project with you and grateful for every Amaiò purchase you make that brings us closer to our humanitarian goals.

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