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Swim and Skin, is it THAT Important?

Let’s face it, we all buy swimwear. It can be easy to pick out which pieces are our favorite style or most flattering to our body shape, but have we ever considered which colors complement our skin tone best, giving us that extra radiant sunkissed glow?

In the fashion world, there are no rules. Its all about exploring and experimenting with different trends and ideas all while letting our creative imagination flow. But when showing off some extra skin in our vacation best, it can be smart to consider which colors we should either gravitate towards or stray away from depending on our color and undertone of our skin.

The first step we can take in having the perfect swimwear for our skin in determining our undertone; cool, warm, or neutral. A simple way we can do this without being an expert or beauty guru is by looking at the veins on our underarm. Are they blue? Then you have a cool undertone. Look a little greenish? Then warm it is! If there is a mixture of both colors, lucky you! Your skin tone is neutral and you can side with both ends of the spectrum. 

The goal is to choose which colors contrast your skin tone, yet complement your undertone.

Fair to Light Skin: 

With cool undertoned light skin, colors you should say ‘no’ to are whites, yellows, oranges, nudes, or any other color that can be considered a light neutral. These colors won’t complement your undertone, but make you look pale and bland. Instead, beautiful dark shades and jewel tones are your new best friend! These colors contrast to the fair complexion of the skin yet offer an elegant glowing look, making it your biggest advantage! Some colors to consider are dark greens, blues, purples, and even reds. The Fleur Top and Bottom offer a plum look in the Garden Rose shade. Spice it up with the matching Gigi Cardigan and get ready to display elegance and class anywhere!

Saturated fall colors are a gold mine for warm undertoned ivory skin. These colors can be various shades of green, rust, mustard, browns, and even the versatile black! Again, it is smart to keep away from any light and nude colors, as they will wash out your skin tone and make you look dull and unlively. The plum Manon Maillot is the PERFECT suit for the warmed tones beauties. Paired with the Émilie Skirt, it’s a match made in heaven!

Medium to Dark Skin: 

Pastel and candy colors bring out the beaming glow in those with cool undertoned medium to dark skin. These bright Spring colors are easy to find, and can even be offered in patterns or florals for a girly chic look. Looking for a recommendation? Our pink toile Antionette Maillot fits the color category, is one of a kind, and sure to be a head-turner no matter where you go.

For the warm-toned beauties, a light and airy tropical color wheel is what you need! Colors such as peach, cream, pink, mint green, and more will be sure to make you stand out among the crowd. Not only are these colors easy to find, but they are classics and can be mix-matched among one another. Don’t forget your bottle of  SPF and an elegant beach cardigan to top off your look. The Fleur Top and Bottoms in Champagne paired with the Ella Cardigan is an iconic duo that is underestimated!

Regardless of our skin tone, our swimwear options are endless. Get ready to take over the beach and have all eyes on you with these tips and tricks!

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