Designer and founder, Samantha Khoury, calls upon her upbringing as inspiration. She identifies as American and Lebanese in heritage, yet was raised between Paris, Boston and the West Coast. Samantha’s culturally rich background has allowed her the opportunity to travel extensively to exotic locales, exposing her to a constant array of cities, languages and lifestyles. This exposure, paired with her fascination for fashion and art, laid the foundation for her career in design.

Holding a degree in Studio Fine Arts & Literature, alongside a comprehensive education in Fashion Design, Samantha attributes her greatest muse to the traditional craftsmanship of haute couture and the Parisian sensibility of quality. Samantha’s early childhood exposure to Parisian hand tailoring, craftsmanship, and visits to haute couture houses as a teen have become the bedrock philosophies of her own line, AMAIÒ.

From the sketching process, to sourcing some of the finest Italian & French fabrics, to the actual creation of the garment, Samantha saw swimwear as the perfect canvas to combine and explore her two greatest passions, bringing an artistic, fashion-forward concept to the active life-style of swimwear. Gone are the days of swimwear being only for poolside and ocean side affairs, but rather après swim du jour. Find your own Joie De Vivre in AMAIÒ.


The collection is a stylized balance of high fashion and global luxury, which embody the core aesthetic of AMAIÒ. Founder and designer, Samantha Khoury, draws upon her avant-garde design inspiration from her training in Fine Arts, passion for Haute Couture, and multi-cultural heritage. Inspired by the natural curvature of the female form, earth tones and timeless shades, Samantha designs classic and timeless silhouette’s that embrace the female form.

Samantha’s personal belief and passion around social responsibility led to her dedicate part of AMAIÒ’s proceeds to supporting the knowledge and education of select Humanitarian programs. The Thirst Project is part of many hopeful partnerships, where global commerce helps provide local communities access to clean drinking water and raise awareness about our world’s most valuable resource.