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AMAIÒ is a luxury women’s designer swimwear label that blurs the line between designer bathing suits and ready-to-wear.

Intentionally crafted to transcend strictly women’s swimwear, AMAIÒ Swim is a collection of pieces that exude sophistication and elegance both on and off the beach. Our niche in women’s designer swimwear and luxury bikinis is our focus on high quality European fabrics, a perfect fit for an array of body types matched with a fashion-forward mindset. This formula is what makes our pieces not only comfortable enough to wear from morning through evening but also to function 365 days a year as ready-to-wear pieces, not solely as women’s swimwear.

The 2016 debut collection features classic silhouettes that embrace the natural curvature of the female form. Produced and manufactured in Los Angeles, AMAIÒ Swim is composed of exceptionally soft fabrics sourced from Germany, Italy, and France. Each of our designer bathing suits and luxury bikinis are handcrafted, with every stitch sewn in place with a master’s touch and an artist’s eye. Unlike most women's designer swimwear, our styles aren’t bound by one season. AMAIÒ Swim is meant to be timeless and a part of your fashion collection for years to come.